Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vampires, Werewolves and Young House Love!!!

Last weekend we had an adult weekend! I had everything planned to the T and thanks to my mommy and daddy who took our little guys for weekend everything went perfectly!!!

Friday the hubs and I drove half way to Abilene to to meet my dad to hand over the kiddos. We then high tailed it back to Arlington to have our dinner date. We went to our normal spot BJs -- SO GOOD! After dinner we had a little time to relax ( I don't know how you are but I HATE waiting so not so much relaxing for me). Then we picked up my friend Krimson and our sister in law Maura to go see Breaking Dawn 2.

Yes I am a Twi-Hard.... I guess... I honestly don't even know if that's how you spell it. I've read the books and have seen all of the movies. I don't have posters or anything. But anyway the movie was AMAZING!!! The "twist" definitely almost gave me a heart attack. Me and Maura kept looking at each other in shock. I was so happy it ended exactly the way it did in the book. Such a good movie! I want to go see it again! Yes I'm one of those... 

We got home movie around 1am after dropping everyone off and probably went to sleep around 1:30am. I wanted to wake up early the next morning because we were going to go meet Sherry and John Petersik from young house love! I can not begin to tell you how excited I was! I wanted to get there extra early because I knew there would be a line but because we were up so late the night before it didn't happen. We ended up getting there around 10am after a pit stop at Chik Fil A for the hubby. He didn't understand that I wasn't the only person in the dfw area that read their blog. When we got there he was like "the lines not that bad" and after a couple of minutes he realized it went around the building. Yea... It wasn't a big deal though we actually met some sweet ladies in line from Louisiana. We had a lot of fun waiting and talking and chowing down on some young house love inspired cookies and yummy cocoa. 

I started to get a little stalkerish and crazy when I saw John inside. And of course I have some stalkerish pics for you.

 John Petersik
Sherry and John Petersik with a random person
In case you didn't know "stalkerish pics" = blurry/horrible pics...

As we got closer I started to get nervous about what I'd say. Seriously?!?! Yes... don't ask me why. It took awhile to go through the whole line. Once we were inside people started sitting on the furniture including my hubby who sat down at a table and took a cat nap. hehe...

Finally it was our turn!!! I had my book and camera ready. I thought it was funny that Sherry kept saying "Come on down!" to the next person in line. When I walked up I couldn't stop smiling -- even Sherry said I was all smiles. All I thought was yea I'm meeting yall!!!  She asked if I was Holly which I told her yes. She said it was a very beautiful name and that they almost had a Holly (meaning their adorable daughter Clara) and then Sherry said but John had an ex named Holly so that couldn't happen... Hmmm... So does she really like the name? Was it a situation where she was pregnant thinking about names and was like I like Holly and John was like Yea about that... HAHA I thought it was pretty funny and said yea that could be a problem. I told them Clara was beautiful and they gushed about how they got to see her that night. Too Cute! We then got our picture with them and it was time to be on our way. I wish I could've just sat and talked the whole time. They were so sweet!

Seriously the cutest couple ever!!!

There's my signed copy!!!

 But we had to get back to our weekend! I had decided that since Friday we had a night out Saturday we would have a night in. So for dinner I made Salisbury Steak, something hubs was just introduced to by my mommy a couple of weeks earlier. We got out our new air mattress and started a fire in the living room for an adult camp out. We had dinner and watched Total Recall and Wrath of the Titans. 

Since we had such a long day we crashed early in front of the fire with I Love Lucy playing in the background. ( I fall asleep to Lucy)

It was the perfect weekend with my hubby!!! Hope yall had a great weekend too! And have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

BTW you should definitely check out Sherry and John at!!!

Signing off as your vitameatavegamin girl!