Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's that time of year!

I want to start off this post by saying


Seriously!!! I love looking at everyone's christmas decorations, the cooler weather, the food and presents of course! Love it!!! I don't decorate for other holidays just christmas. Now I've never really been able to seriously decorate for christmas because we could just never afford to go get a tree or buy a ton of ornaments or any other little christmas vignettes around our house -- mostly because I hadn't found my true crafty mojo yet. I know you can make a beautiful christmas for cheap but I just didn't understand how to do it.  But this year we finally bought a tree! So exciting!!! We got it from hobby lobby and it's beautiful!!!

Here's my little man showing it off!

If you didn't notice there are two lonely ornaments on it in the picture. I had those laying around because I made them! Go me!!! I was inspired by Pinterest -- yea I know who isn't? -- and decided to make some of my own. If you like rustic textured ornaments then you'll like the one I'm going to show you today!

                                 DIY Jute Christmas Ornament                                     

Styrofoam ball
Jute String 
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

 The first thing you do is cut 6 1/2 in. of jute and set aside -- this will be for the loop to hang from the tree. Next take your jute and glue the end to your styrofoam ball.

Then add a dab of glue and fold the jute on itself to start wrapping it around the ball. Then you add strands of glue as you wrap the jute around. 

It was kinda therapeutic wrapping the jute around and I forgot to take pictures of most of the progress but you get the idea -- you wrap and wrap. 

*As you can see in the picture I glued the loop on the ball. Now I had originally glued the loop on first but when I started wrapping the jute around the ball I realized it wasn't center so I ripped it off and re-glued it. It's totally up to you but I think it's easier to wrap the ball first and when you get to the top (the section in the pic above) I would add your loop. 

Once you've gotten closer to top take the 6 1/2 in. of jute you set aside earlier and glue it centered on the very top of the ball. Then guess what... you continue wrapping your ball. As you get closer to the loop hold the loop up and continue wrapping to make sure your loop will be centered and hang straight.  When you've covered everything up to the loop cut the jute, finish wrapping and glue in place.

You have a beautiful rustic ornament!

Hope you like it, I know I do!!! Now I need to get to work on my other DIY ornament!