Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Chandelier & DIY Rope Light Chain Cover

The other day the Hubby and I were browsing Lowes. I honestly don't even remember what we were there for because I found this chandelier.

It was $39.98! Sadly there were none left. Sad day... When we got home I looked it up on the 
mean machine-
yes that's a Fifty Shades of Grey reference...

On the Lowes website it's $79.96. Obviously there was no chance of ordering it online when it was half the price in store - I started to wonder if it was a typo at the store. I saw that another store had it in stock so the next day while the kids were at school we went straight there. They had one, it was $39.98 and it automatically went into my cart. The hubby thought it was pretty funny how determined I was - nobody else was going to get my chandelier! 
A month ago I saw this post from The Lettered Cottage about their chandelier in their sunroom. Instead of hanging it by the chain they used a rope covered chandelier pole that they got from their friend for $20.  

I think it looks so beautiful and rustic and I want it!

Of course I didn't want to pay $50 for it so I started to think of a way to make it myself. All it took was some pvc pipe, black spray paint, hot glue and manila rope. 


First we figured out how long the chain was going to hang from the ceiling. We measured it out to be 20 1/4" and cut the pvc pipe that length. I took some black spray paint and sprayed the ends so that you wouldn't see any white. 

Kinda a bad picture but you get the idea. After that it was just hot glue and wrapping - a lot like my Jute Christmas Ornament. The rope I used was pretty thick - 1/4" and when I first started wrapping I had to hold it down until it dried otherwise it would't stick. After I was done wrapping we just put the pipe over the chain and hung it up.

We went from this

to this

for around $55! One of the bulbs didn't work and we haven't gone to get more so yes it's one short in this picture. But it doesn't matter - I absolutely LOVE it!!! I can't stop looking at it. Now go wrap something with rope it's amazing!!! Seriously it's addicting next I'll show you how to wrap your children or some lamps whichever works best...

I hope everyone is having a good week!