Friday, February 8, 2013

Pallet Art

For the past few weeks we have been going through a bathroom renovation. I'm pretty excited about it because it's all starting to come together. I'm trying to make it feel vintage/rustic/spa -ish... We will see if I hit the nail on the head. But for now I'm going to share how I'm bringing in a little rustic with some DIY Pallet Art.

I have had a pallet for a while just waiting for something AMAZING to be done with it. I had tossed around some ideas and finally found the right thing for the Ayres. The first thing I did was print out a picture that I liked and used a projector to project an image on my pallet.

I had to find a dark place to do it and the bathroom was the best place. Then after I had traced it out I had this cute little puppy.

I decided I wanted to stain the outside and leave the inside natural but to get to that point I needed to get it ready. I taped off the silhouette and then for added protection from stain seepage I scored the edge of it with a razor blade.

Now it's time for the stain. I used Minwax Early American stain and just followed the directions on the back of the can. When it was dry I pulled off the tape and found out that it was a little messy. I had read online that the stain would probably seep through so I was prepared for it but in all honesty it's a pallet it's not a million dollar canvas so a little messy was fine with me. We tried to clean it up a little bit by sanding it and worked perfectly! So don't ever get discouraged and just keep working with it.

This pallet is going in our bathroom so to protect it from moisture I did four coats of minwax polyurethane. I let it set for a few days mostly because we were still doing a lot in the bathroom but tonight we finally got it up on the wall. And here she is!

I really love how it turned out. I love the colors of the wood against the white walls. I love it!!!
Hopefully soon I'll be able to post my first room reveal - pretty exciting!
I hope y'all had a great week! Our little boy turned 8 on thursday and his party is on Sunday so I know I'll be having a fun weekend and I hope y'all do too!!!


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